Monday, February 25, 2008

How to Check Pressure on Domestic Water Pump

I was recently having a problems with the water pressure on our house. We live on 10 acres and have tank water only. The pump seemed to be cutting in and out quite rapidly, and also the sound of water hammer could be heard in our pipes. The pump we have is a Lowara with an 18 litre pressure tank. I was told that the most likely problem was that the pressure has reduced over time and air needs to be added to the pressure tank.

My tank needs around 20psi to operate efficiently. So I grabbed a tyre pressure gauge and checked the pressure, but found the pressure was at around 34psi. So it couldn't be the pressure right?

Well after spending a lot more time investigating, the problem did end up being the pressure. The problem was that I didn't check the pressure properly. So this is how it should be done.

You need to turn the power off to the pump, and open one of your taps to release the water pressure out of the pump and pipes. Now you can effectively check the air in the bladder that is in the pressure tank. Top up the pressure with a bicycle pump, and all should be OK.