Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ladder Safety for the DIY Handyman

Here is a great new product that should help prevent some of the usual DIY accidents around the home. It is called Laddersmart and it has been designed to secure your ladder to the gutter of your house to prevent accidents and falls. It should also protect your gutter from damage that can be caused by your ladder leaning up against it.

Laddersmart is a quality ladder safety device that is fitted into the gutter from the ground using a telescopic pole. The ladder is then placed against the device and is effectively locked into place. The Laddersmart device prevents sideways and backwards movement of the ladder assisting in preventing ladder accidents and also protects the gutter from damage caused by ladders leaning directly against it.

The unique feature of Laddersmart is that the ladder is locked into place from the ground using a unique 'jaw' system. It can be used by anyone as it is so simple to use; tradespersons or the domestic home will have a use for Laddersmart.

Click here for more info and to see the Laddersmart in action.


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